Green Hydrogen - Early Business Opportunities

Evaluating Green Hydrogen Enabling Technologies

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  • Multi-utility company
  • 30+ electrolyzers
  • H2 storage options 
  • Renewable energy
  • 3 business models
  • 11 project parners

Green Hydrogen will certainly play a major role in the decarbonization of our energy systems.

But what’s the state of the art in electrolyzer technologies?

How to solve the problems related to H2 storage and intermittent production of renewable sources?

Which are the main obstacles to the development of large scale projects? 

These are some of the questions we are answering, giving the best of our support to companies involved in the development of the next generation energy system.  

The Need

A mapping of all possible applications of green hydrogen in order to identify early business opportunities and long-term strategies (including hard to abate industries like cement and steel)

The Goal

Each application had to be described in terms of green hydrogen demand volumes and TRL of the needed technologies.

Project Steps

  1. Global H2 applications landscape: three main categories identified, in which every application was characterised by 6 technical and economical KPIs
  3. Technological analysis: drill down on the most appealing applications, elaborating parametric models for the evaluation of Levelised Cost of Hydrogen, mapping existing case studies and idetifying potential partners.
  5. Strategic roadmap: three application tiers identified – early business opportunities, opportunities to be developed in the upcoming 5 years, applications with a large potential but far from economic sustainability, to be monitored on the long term.

Achieved Results

  • More than 30 H2 applications identified and characterised on a global scale

Per each application:

  • Global demand
  • Expected growth
  • Specific consumption per typical client
  • Related technologies (CAPEX, OPEX, Readiness)
  • Technology manufacturers and potential partners

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