Minimise Energy Consumption with Artificial Intelligence

Digital Twin Optimisation | Case  Study

  • Remote assets
  • 200+ Telecom towers
  • -15% energy costs
  • Cloud-based software
  • AI Techniques
  • Cost and emissions savings

Millions of Telecommunication Towers are installed around the world and their number is continuously growing.

Telecom Towers, often located in remote areas, are usually equipped with diesel generators and supplemental power systems whose sizing and operation is far from optimal. Even small efficiency improvements multiplied by millions of times can have a huge impact.

This is why Bluefoundation developed, with one of its UK partners, a cloud-based software able to optimise the power assets of telecom towers adopting AI techniques. The tool is also capable of detecting faults and anomalies and sending alerts to the operators leading to effective cost and emissions savings.

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