Systems for CO2 Capture in the Maritime Sector

Green Tech Innovation Radar | Case  Study

  • Maritime industry
  • 3 main carbon capture processes
  • 10+ carbon storage and utilisation methods
  • Optimal capture technique
  • Implementation guidelines

Capturing CO2 is a potential solution to reduce the emissions generated by the engines of ships.

The installation of newly matured technologies as Carbon Capture (CCUS) on-board poses additional challenges such as volume constraints.

Technical-economical simulations on alternative configurations were able to highlight pros and cons of the potential layouts, also identifying the technical bottlenecks to be solved for a successful design.

The Need

Obtaining an extensive list of worldwide applied methods of CO2 capture / conversion both with high and low TRL in order to evaluate which ones have the highest potential to be applied in the maritime sector.

The Goal

Evaluation of: economical viability, availability and sustainability of the solutions, including energy consumption and capture ratio, weight and size of the solutions, comparison of total costs.

Project Steps

  1. Carbon capture processes landscaping and case studies: three main CO2 capture systems are associated with different combustion processes. Each alternative process and related sub-technologies have been evaluated in terms of 4 different technical and economical KPIs

  2. Selection of the most suitable carbon capture technology and implementation guidelines for on-board application: a theoretical evaluation of marine plant design studies, complemented by on-board implications

  3. Identification of potential partners for pilot project, aiming at demonstrating the technical and economical feasibility of:
    • On-board Carbon capture
    • On-board Carbon storage
    • Carbon utilization at on-shore or off-shore applications

Achieved Results

  • 3 carbon capture, 4 carbon storage, 4 carbon utilisation methods evaluated
  • Identification of optimal carbon capture technique given the specific boundary conditions
  • Identification of a possible breakthrough technology for the application

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