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La transizione energetica sostenibile è la nostra missione. Negli ultimi anni, abbiamo lavorato a progetti in Italia, Europa e resto del mondo per garantire un chiaro vantaggio competitivo a ciascuno dei nostri clienti.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

To date, we have worked on more than 60 sustainable transition projects in more than 10 countries around the world,
from identifying the best technologies in response to the ever-increasing and challenging demands for green transformation,
to creating strategic decarbonisation plans for multinational companies,
to developing digital twins to identify the best technology mix that takes an industrial plant towards net zero.

We then wanted to bring the experience developed with large companies to the service of SMEs, developing a dedicated service for the energy transition of smaller companies: a streamlined procedure capable of initiating or supporting the company in calculating its emissions and defining an improvement plan.

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