Make low-carbon transition happen.

We work to actively support the decarbonization of companies with our engineering skills, creative thinking and scientific methodology.

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What We Do

White smoke from the chimney of industrial plants

Business Decarbonization

We develop decarbonisation projects for:

  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Real Estate

Identifying the best plan of technological interventions

Complete package to cover seamlessly and easily the entire sustainable transition pathway:

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    Measure (Carbon Footprint)

  • Schematic image of arrows

    Reduce emissions and costs through tailor-made interventions (Network of 30+ technology partners)

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    Improve your company's ESG rating and increase competitiveness

Development of energy transition plans, tailored to any need:

  • From the strategic plan to the implementation of individual interventions

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    Beyond conventional solutions

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    Global coverage

Green Tech
Innovation Radar

To always be at the Forefront in the development and proposal of Green Technologies.

Continuous observatory of the most innovative technologies for the energy transition:

  • Efficiency
  • Electrification
  • Green Fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Storage
  • CO2 Capture

There's More

Energy Audits

Providing a complete and detailed inventory of the energy performance and the current status of energy usage to identify efficiency improvement measures.
Bluefoundation’s experts develop specific ideas for the improvement of energy efficiency within your technical processes and systems.
The Energy Audits are performed according to the international standard ISO 50001 and the European Standard EN 16247.

Carbon Footprint

An organisational carbon footprint quantifies the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions arising from the company's activities.
It is the first building block towards any sustainability strategy.
According to ISO 14064, CO2 emissions fall within three scopes:
Scope 1 – direct emissions: from sources owned or controlled by an organisation.
Scope 2 – indirect emissions: purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling
Scope 3 – indirect emissions: activities occurring across a company’s value chain, outside of its direct influence.

Circular Economy

As sustainable transition engineers with a background in innovation,
we can assist your company in identifying sustainable and circular alternatives for product end-of-life,
as well as in valorising production waste to save energy, costs, and emissions.
Your product may become eligible for circularity level certification, too.

We are the Decarbonization Atelier

We focus on the customer’s needs, working shoulder to shoulder, we believe it is the key element for satisfaction.
Engineering and Data Science, our foundations. Creativity and Innovation, the tools to ensure success in the Sustainable Transition.

The road through a green forest and a blue lake

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