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New Transizione 5.0 Decree and Incentives

While waiting for the implementing decree, which will establish how the tax credits under the Plan will be disbursed, let's try to summarise in 1 minute what are the opportunities for companies and what are the critical aspects that could complicate the use of the incentives.

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Decreto incentivi Transizione 5.0 industria guida
Decreto MASE Comunità Energetiche Rinnovabili

The new Italian Renewable Energy Community Decree

📰 A new instrument that will also enable companies to increase their share of renewable energy and decrease their dependence on fossil fuels

Electricity consumers connected to the same primary substation...

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Reducing Scope 1 Emissions through Solar Heat

What you can see in the picture is a so called "CSP" (Concentrated Solar Power) thermal plant.
Till a few years ago this solution was only used in utility scale solar power plants in locations with a year-round sun irradiation...

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Bluefoundation Team Visiting Absolicon Solar Thermal at Peroni Plant Bari
Bluefoundation at Pollutec Lyon exhibition 2023

Bluefoundation at Pollutec Lyon 2023

🌍 We're back, and we come bearing exciting news already!

We are thrilled to announ... | We'll keep it brief: 🗓️ Mark your calendars for 10-13 October, booth H6-C030a - Startup and Innovative SMEs area - ITA - Italian Trade Agency, at Pollutec Lyon.

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Carbon Tax vs Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)

Carbon tax and Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) are two mechanisms related to carbon pricing that could be confused, let’s explore what they are and their...

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Differences between Carbon tax and Emission Trading Scheme (ETS): Carbon tax: a policy measure imposes a tax proportional to the tonnes of GHG emitted by a company, aiming to create a financial incentive for businesses to reduce their emissions. ETS: as the one deployed across EU, this kind of mechanism provides a “cap-and-trade” system, so that a carbon market is created.
Cambiamento Climatico come Opportunità di Investimento per le Industrie

Embrace the Future: Climate Change as an Investment Opportunity for Industries

🌍📈 "Climate change is the greatest investment opportunity in history." - Al Gore
As the world grapples with the urgency of addressing climate change, businesses...

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Ever heard about 24/7 carbon-free electricity?

You’ve more probably read about 100% renewable electricity.
So what’s the difference between these two apparently similar terms?

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24/7 Carbon free electricity green renewable electricity
Renewable energy community ecosystem Lombardy LE2C

Bluefoundation is now part of the Renewable Energy Community Ecosystem

⚡ Ready to take advantage of the opportunities of Renewable Energy Communities?

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Co-innovation with BPER Banca to develop a Tool to foster the Energy Transition of SMEs

"For the first time this year, Bluefoundation, an innovative Italian SME, participates in the co-innovation phase of the sixth edition of OPEN ITALY, the collaborative innovation program of the ELIS Consortium which encourages the development of real projects between Italian Corporates and Startups.
Together with BPER Banca...

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Target Net Zero transizione energetica PMI BPER Banca Open Italy
Sustainable Transition Path - Measure Reduce and Offset to decarbonize avoiding greenwashing

Measure, Reduce and Eventually Offset the unabatable Emissions. The way to avoid Greenwashing.

Emissions offsetting, often seen as the easy way out, has more risk than meets the eye.
We are talking about potential...

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