Industrial Heat Electrification - Suitable Technologies

Electrification of Heat
A Go-to-Market Strategy

Schematic image of a radar
  • Multi-utility company
  • Electrification
  • 16 industrial applications
  • 20+ technology providers involved
  • 9 target client clusters

Electrification of thermal loads is considered as one of the most effective ways in reducing carbon emissions of industrial processes and heating comsumptions.

Highly efficient technologies, like heat pumps, will open up new market opportunities for all the players involved in the energy transition. How to structure a business on this opportunity?

This is what Bluefoundation is working on for one of the main energy operators in Italy.

radar chart hold trial asses identifying the industrial heat electrification opportunities

Project Steps

  1. Landscaping: Having all the selected key information organised for maximum efficiency in decision-making processes was a key to the project success. The identified suitable solutions have been categorised on the basis of their purpose and of their technology type, ranking them graphically in a hold-asses-trial-adopt radar. Electrification solutions have been scouted on four different categories:
    • Industrial utilities
    • Process heating
    • Chemical reactions
    • Special vehicles
  2. Analysis: All the scouted solutions have been thoroughly analysed highlighting:
    • Technical data
    • Operating conditions
    • Economic data (CAPEX and OPEX)
    • Technology Maturity (TRL)
    • Application fields / potential target clients
    • Competitiveness against fossil fuel solutions
    • Technology suppliers

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